Afifa Haj Abu Janima and Osama Daim

Afifa and Osama are among the founders of “I’billin in the Heart” – a group of six volunteers, also including Abir Najami, Luna Abu Janima, Alaa Idris, and Jubran Daim – who set themselves a goal: to contribute to their community and make it a better place for all residents.

Afifa says, “What connects us to I’billin is the people, and when the people are connected to the locality and to each other, and feel a sense of belonging, then they maintain the locality and the atmosphere changes for the better.”

The group in its seventh year of activity, leads cooperation between all the associations and organizations active in the locality, creating cultural events, social events, artistic activities, and recently also street libraries they started together with two organizations, which quickly became very popular.

“True leadership is knowing how to build the next generation, ensuring continuity,” Osama says. “It’s not something simple; it involves a lot of time, investment and effort. But it’s worth it,” the two say. “The most exciting thing is to see the joy in people’s eyes and especially the children and the seniors.”

Osama Daim is an engineer by profession, a Technion graduate. “I make a living as an engineer, but for my soul I am active in culture and society.” Osama is married and the father of three.

Afifa Haj Abu Janima says, “I am first and foremost a person who loves life, a wife and mother of two.” Afifa has been a special education teacher for 19 years. In addition, she is an organizational consultant, a doctoral student who researches the subject of land, planning, and construction in Arab society, recently also a netball player, and also owns a men’s clothing store in the community together with her husband.