Badia Khnefess

For the past 40 years, she has been active in both the Arab society and the city of Shafaram in the fields of community and society as well as women’s rights. For the past 11 years, she has served as consultant for the advancement of women’s status in the municipality of Shfar’am, and has operated for many years in the fight for both equal rights for women and the development of economic independence for women in Arab society. She is active in the fight against crime and violence in Arab society, and predominantly the violence directed at women.

Khnefess is the mother of Johara, Rasha, Firas, and Bashar. In June 2022, her daughter Johara was killed by an explosive device attached to her car. As of writing these lines, the killer has not yet been captured and the murder has not been solved. Khnefess continues her path fighting against crime and violence, does not give up the right to know the truth or the need to apprehend and prosecute those responsible for her daughter’s murder, and she even furthers her activities alongside many mothers and activists fighting against the rampant crime amid Arab society.