Dr. Ramzi Halabi


Ramzi Halabi has a PhD in economics. He is an entrepreneur and a businessman, a lecturer and an economic adviser, who serves as the chairman of the executive committee of the “Tzofen” organization for the promotion of hi-tech in Arab society. In addition, Ramzi is the moderator of various radio and TV economic programs.

Born in the Druze community of Dalyat al Carmel, Ramzi was the chairman of the local council. Before that, he had served in the IDF for twenty years, where his last position was head of wages and provision funds in the IDF’s payment administration. He was discharged as a lieutenant-colonel. Following his discharge, Ramzi served as a CFO with the Amidar housing company.

Ramzi is married a second time and has three children. His eldest son died in service. Ramzi is trying to channel the terrible loss to action – he is a member of Yad Lebanim’s board of directors and the state council of soldiers’ commemoration.

Something not many people know about me

I contribute to the community by giving lectures on family economy in the Arab society, because I see it as an important focal point of care.

My dream
I hope they will not spoil Israel for us. I travel around the world and am always happy to come back to Israel, so I don’t want racism here and I want my children to feel equal.