Magdy Kabha

Magdy Kabha has a BA in nursing from the TAU. He serves as an assistant chief nurse in the operating rooms, and oversees the heart-lung implantations in the Beilinson Medical center.

Magdy Kabha was born in the Muslim village of Um al Kutuf near Wadi Ara. His father works in the Menashe Regional Council, and his mother is an educator.

During his schooling, Magdy moved to the center of Israel and has not returned to the village since. He is currently living with his own family in Petach Tikva. Magdy is married to Samar, a cosmetician, and has three children.

He began his work in Beilinson as an assistant nurse during his studies, and was offered employment there after completing his degree. He specialized as an operating room nurse. Accepting the offer, Magdy trained for the job within the Beilinson M.C., and he is currently in charge of managing the shifts in the operating rooms, responsible for ensuring maintenance of the equipment, while providing assistance and support to the operating room’s staff during transplants.

Something not many people know about me

In what little time I have after my daily demanding work, I make a point of spending time with my family, so, we regularly spend one day a week together

My dream

My dream is that we’ll all live in this country with mutual respect, with no need of a Nation-State Law or defined sectors, and have a shared goal: to feel good in our country.