Reem Younis


Reem Younis is a technological entrepreneur and social activist. Younis is owner and co-founder of the Alpha-Omega tech company, a global company developing, manufacturing, and marketing medical equipment used by brain surgeons to navigate inside the brain during surgery.

Born in Nazareth to working parents, Reem attended the Baptist school in her city, later going to the Technion in Haifa to get her degree in civil engineering. In 1993, Reem and her husband co-founded the Alpha-Omega company, which was the first Arab hi-tech company in Israel. Rather than give in to Israeli discriminative reality, whereby leading technology companies were closed to Arab engineers, these two decided to turn this impediment into an opportunity and establish a company of their own, which currently employs 100 workers in Israel and around the world, 40% of whom are women, including in senior positions. In 2014, the company received a commendation from the northern chapter of the Manufacturers’ Association for environmental and social mobility in industry. And in 2018, Imad and Reem received the Leaders in Industry Award from the Minister of Economics in a ceremony attended by President Ruvi Rivlin. Between the years 1994-2003, Reem and her husband co-founded the Alpha CAD company, specializing in full CAD (computer aided design) solutions for the field of architecture and building.

In addition to her business activity, Reem is a member of several executive committees dealing with the promotion of education, employment, and entrepreneurship. Among others, she is a member of the executive committees of the Kav Mashveh, Co-Impact, the New Israel Fund and Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow, as well as sitting on Givat Haviva’s public board and Ort Braude’s board of directors.

Reem is married and a mother of two daughters and a son.

Something not many people know about me

My father suffered from Parkinson’s disease, and as a child I had experienced the daily challenges that come with it, which made me very strong. Founding Alpha-Omega is not related to that, however, it is a privilege to be able to provide a better life to patients and their families undergoing such a trial with the medical equipment our company develops and markets around the world.

My dream

I dream that one day just one word will be enough to define me – “Israeli”, implying that I’m a woman who comes from a place of diversity, tolerance, love, and peace.