About COVID-19 Information Campaign for the Arab Society

At the beginning of the Covid crisis, many unfamiliar protocols and instructions regarding a necessary social distancing came into our lives. It was obvious that the Hebrew explanations of the importance of social distancing and maintaining a certain length of space between each other did not really reach Arab communities. Formal information was lacking among the Arab public. We clearly saw that it had to be done in Arabic if we were to avoid a social catastrophe. Timing the campaign was critical because we had to prevent imminent spreading and instill rules of conduct, particularly as the month of Ramadan was approaching.

We intended this campaign to get to the relevant audiences as fast as possible, and to do it, we used videos and pictures showing “right” and “wrong” ways of conduct and response, while helping to urgently spread the message among Arab society online.

Using animation, the video and the pictures depicted common social situations in Arab society, explaining how to replace them with safer and more spread-out gatherings, using the animated figures who represented family and social characters in Arab society.