Mohammad Darawshe

Social activist, conflict-resolution expert, and political commentator. Holds an M.A. degree in conflict-resolution from the University of Haifa as well as an M.A. degree in public administration from the University of Hartford. He is currently a strategy manager at Givat Haviva — the Center for a Shared Society, as well as a research-fellow on behalf of the Robert Bosch Academy in Berlin, studying the status of national minorities in Europe. Additionally, he serves as a research-fellow at the Hartman Institute, and is a member of the Darkenu organization’s board of directors.

In the past, he held various political positions in the ranks of the Arab Democratic Party, served as Co-Director of the Abraham Initiatives Foundation, and led several projects, amongst which integrating women in fields of employment and integrating Arab teachers in the Hebrew education system. He also served as a member on a policy-recommendations committee for education towards a shared society, as well as on a strategic-planning committee of the Authority for the Economic Development of the Minority Sector.