Wajdi Zabet

Wajdi Zabet got his first computer at age five, and hasn’t stopped programming since.

After finishing his studies of Software Engineering at the Technion, Wajdi joined Check Point. In 2019, in the middle of a promising hi-tech career, he decided to fulfill a dream and create a start-up with seven friends.

Orca Security, which began in one of the founders’ living rooms, deals with cloud security and is now a company worth $ 1.8 billion.

Wajdi was born and lives in Kfar Manda, with his wife and two children. He wants to inspire young people from Arab society to develop careers in the hi-tech industry and become entrepreneurs.

Wajdi sees this as an opportunity to improve the socio-economic situation of Arab society as well as to fight the violence. “It is possible to dream and to make our dreams come true. We just must not be afraid,” he says.